Upcoming Public Events


Harvest & Revel at Pioneer Work’s Community Happy Hour: June 2019 in Brooklyn

Join Pioneer Works staff, artists-in-residence, and friends in our garden for happy hour. Each event spotlights a local chef or culinary organization. June’s Happy Hour features Harvest & Revel.

Harvest & Revel is a full service private event catering company located in Brooklyn, NY. Founder Sara Elise was inspired to help transform her community’s relationship to affordable, locally sourced foods. With her team of chefs, she focuses on creating sustainable, nutritious, and delicious cuisine through a wide range of both indulgent and health-conscious menu options that celebrate the flavors of the natural ingredients. Harvest & Revel has become the go-to caterer for adventurous and thoughtful eaters who care about taste and well-being, offering well-sourced and creatively cooked food with style as well as ethics.

Community programs at Pioneer Works are made possible in part through the generous support of the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation. You can find out more here.


Past Notable Events (since Fall of 2018)


outlet.FYI X Red Bull Music Festival Influencer Dinner + Concert Event

On May 11th, I’m collaborating with (a social membership collective highlighting creatives of color) and Red Bull Music Festival to bring a group of my friends to dinner at The East Pole and then to Park Amory to enjoy the FKA twigs Concert.

FKA twigs emerged as an enigma. From her earliest spellbinding music videos to her critically-acclaimed debut LP1 (2014), the English singer, dancer, producer, and choreographer’s distinctive amalgam of electronic music, R&B, and avant-garde pop has entertained fans as much as its intrigued them. With vocals either as fragile as crystal stemware or sharp as a katana blade, she’s created songs that pulse with sexuality but reveal only glimpses of the woman who owns it.

My list for this event includes the following guests and they will each post about the event:
Crystal Anderson (@beerbottles_chainsaws, 24K)
PhEonix (, 227K)
Seher (@Seher, 22K)
Coco + Breezy (@CocoandBreezy, 100K)
Jenna Wortham (@Jennydeluxe, 42K)
Naima Greene (@NaimaGreen, 48K)
Fariha Róisín (@Fariha_Roisin, 27K)

If you’re interested in working with me to host a similar social event, please reach out here.


Blind Seed Urban Retreat Workshop: April 2019 in Brooklyn

Do you want to learn more about your gut barrier and microbiome?  Did you know that your emotions, moods, and the way your body feels all have to do with the things going on in your belly?

If you're curious, join Blind Seed for our upcoming hands-on urban retreat workshop where we'll be discussing all things GUT HEALTH!

This Wednesday, we'll begin by hearing perspectives from two leaders in the industry. They'll be there to share their personal views and also answer any of your burning questions.  Then, our event sponsor Dropping Seeds will take us on an interactive journey assembling our own gut-healthy tea blends that will aid in digestion and flow. Participants will leave with a small gift bag filled with a few delicious treats and resources for future development.

This event is FREE but space is limited — email us at to submit your name to our guest list.

Sacral Energy 2:6 Flier.jpg

Blind Seed Urban Retreat Workshop: February 2019 in Brooklyn

Join Blind Seed at DUMBO House for our upcoming urban retreat workshop, on February 6th from 7-9PM, focused on revitalizing, healing, and harnessing your sacral & sex energy this winter. In the first part of the workshop with our featured healer Lana Hormeri, we will move through real-life applications of techniques that will to teach you how to nurture your body's pleasure as an act of self love whether in the bedroom, in the office, or on your morning commute.

We will then continue with an interactive panel & dialogue with local wellness influencers SirRoan of Dropping Seeds, Lynsey of Bread x Butta, August of Pleasure Chest Stores, and Mistress Couple of La Domaine — centered around their process of cultivating pleasure as a guiding principle for wellness. The workshop experience will provide practical tools and greater insight into the power of sensuality as a life force energy.

As with all Blind Seed events, tea + healthful snacks will be provided and participants will leave with a parting gift bag + resources for future research and personal development. This event is FREE but space is limited — email us at to submit your name to our guest list.


Featured Speaker at Brown University: February 2019

In February, I’ve been asked to share as a guest speaker at Brown University’s LGBTQ Center’s Legacy Series in collaboration with Tender Table, an storytelling platform for women (trans or cis) and nonbinary folks that identify as black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) to share narratives about food and its connections to identity, memory, and community. The center’s theme for the 2018-2019 school year is “Building Our Trans and Queer Futures: A project of (re)imagining.”

The final presentation can be found here.

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P O C O A P O C O: January 2019

This winter, I’ll be in Mexico for a multi-disciplinary, research-based residency in Oaxaca partaking in research for a new personal project. Pocoapoco offers a platform for creative exploration and space for collective intelligence. The residency hosts artists across all fields to support research, conversation and connection surrounding creative work, process and purpose.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 4.28.54 PM.png

Essence Black Love Gala: Fall 2018

This fall, my partner and I are collaborating with Essence to celebrate their first ever #BlackLoveGala, shining a light on black love in all shapes and forms.

Join us in celebrating by getting your tickets to the gala on October 13th here, and stay tuned to their website throughout the winter for video glimpses into our love.

Hope to see you there!

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Illustration by Alex Bowman

2nd Annual Well Read Black Girl Festival: Saturday November, 10th

Well-Read Black Girl and Pioneer Works present the second annual Well-Read Black Girl Festival, a celebration of Black women readers and writers that seeks to initiate meaningful conversations within the literary arts.

Tara Aura + I, representing Blind Seed, will be leading an intimate workshop for the WRBG community: Writing Our Future: Manifesting Collective Change with Blind Seed.

Join us by purchasing your ticket here and enjoy a day of inspiration and a chance to plunge into your heart’s intentions, removing resistance, and raising your vibration.