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Meet Sara Elise...

"Working to empower both her clients and her community to elevate to their fullest selves- one nutritious meal and conversation at a time."


Sara Elise is the owner of Harvest & Revel- a collaboratively-run, women-led, full service catering company based in Brooklyn that focuses on using organic, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients to create elegant culinary experiences.

While working in Private Wealth Management after business school, Sara started to explore food as a tool for self-care and healing. Through this exploration, Sara began hosting “Seasonal Tasting Events,” an invitation for community members to experience an authentically rustic, slow, and organic relationship to the crops harvested for the empowerment and reclamation of self, and community. In the midst of planning these events- she knew that to continue her growth and evolution, she needed to leave her full-time job- where she increasingly felt the negative effects of being over-worked and surrounded by toxic and superficial energy. Sara eventually left after founding Bed Stuy Kitchen in 2013- later reborn as Harvest & Revel in 2016.

Not only an advocate for food justice, Sara also works with Tara Aura in co-creating Blind Seed, an organization hosting both weekend and day-long retreats and workshops combining delicious food, wellness seminars, personalized treatments, and aspects of meditative movement meditation- all based on the overarching belief that people are able to grow to their fullest potential only once all aspects of their life are aligned positively.

Sara is also committed to the personal development of creatives, urban professionals, and primarily people of color- offering sliding scale wellness + manifestation coaching services through Blind Seed’s client platform.

With her background in both personal nutrition & wellness, Sara works to elevate both her clients and her community to elevate to their fullest selves- one nutritious meal, wellness workshop, and conversation at a time.


This upcoming year, I'm interested in working with you in the following capacities...

  • If you're looking to work with a private chef or would like event catering from a women-led, black-owned company focused on sustainability, nutrition, and ethical sourcing practices- please reach out to us at Harvest & Revel.

  • If you'd like to attend a Blind Seed retreat or you're interested in having Blind Seed host a staff retreat for your organization- please reach out to us at Blind Seed. Or if you'd like to have Blind Seed as a guest retreat healer for your wellness workshop/summit/retreat, we can offer a customized 2-3 hour workshop experience.

  • If you'd like to explore working with a wellness manifestation coach, please read + reach out to us via our coaching information page.

  • If you'd like to have me join as a guest panelist and/or for another speaking engagement, press, or filming opportunty focused on career pivoting to entrepreneurship, wellness, the intersectionality of wellness + activism, holistic nutrition, living authentically, and manifesting the life you want to live- please reach out using the link below.

  • If you represent a brand interested in collaborating or partnering and your brand is in alignment with women, black, LGBT empowerment and/or holistic beauty and wellness, please reach out using the link below.

  • If you're hosting a chef or wellness residency (NYC or elsewhere) and are interested in collaborating- please reach out below.

...and more! Please reach out if you're interested in collaborating or working together.
I'd love to explore what might be in store for us!


Photo above: Aundre Larrow
Homepage photo: Charlie Rubin